Banzai/ToyQuest Pirahna

I've had my sights on this toy for a while and now finally i've been able to track one down. It's a very unique, distinctive design and one of the few good fish toys out there. I was immediately attracted to the enormous dome-shaped mouth, mad-looking teeth and plentiful webbing.

One thing that struck me was just how strong smelling the plasticiser used in the vinyl is. It's so pungent that you could easily get high or go dizzy from sniffing it for too long. The advantage, however, is that the vinyl is very soft indeed.

Keen observers will realise that this toy is in the same product family as the sea dragon and therefore shares some common design features, such as the water-filled chamber on the base that aids in stability in the water. (However, this toy remains unrated until I actually get to try it in the water!)

The shape makes it a little inaccessible as far as hugs (and other things) go, but it more than makes up for this by being such an awesome looking toy.

Obtained from
Grammy Kathy's Little Shop - via eBay (Ohio, USA)
4 air chambers (body, pec fins and mouth), small/medium valves, no-tip buoyancy chamber, very soft plastic handles, transparent dome mouth, webbed fins and tail. Measures 130cm x 91cm x 74cm.
Vinyl type
Thin/medium gauge, gloss orange, high gloss transparent. Uses an extremely pungent plasticiser!
fish , bought new , own , personal favourites
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
31 Dec 2008 3:35pm
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3 Jan 2014 11:33pm