Jets Zebra (v2.5)

The Jets zebra has gone through a number of iterations since its initial release in the 1990s. This is a third upgrade to the classic design, sparked by the advent of the new manufacturing process Jets use to produce their 'real animals' line of deluxe inflatables.

This inherits some features from its $350USD cousin; namely the jumbo inflation valve (now common on many Jets inflatables, such as the orca), selectively-lapped seams and what Jets call a stronger, more robust type of vinyl... but is something I have mixed feelings about. Yes, the vinyl is tougher than 'pool toy' PVC, but it has a slightly unpleasant gummy feeling to it.

That aside, this is a great toy available for an entry-level price. It's one of the few non-novelty-grade inflatable animals that is designed for use outside of the swimming pool.

Click here to see the v2.0 and the v2.5 side-by-side. You will notice that it is slightly taller. The legs are situated closer together to give the appearance of a thinner body. The head is angled slightly higher. The 'webbing' used to reinforce the negative curve on the v2.0's neck is replaced with an overlapping seam on the v2.5.

Jetsonic Creations
Obtained from
The Junge Store (Kansas, USA)
Single air chamber, jumbo valve, lapped seams on neck and back.
Vinyl type
Medium-to-thick gauge, smooth shiny matte white with low-gloss black ink. Gummy texture.
bought new , own , zebra
Air retention
Stability in water
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4 Nov 2009 9:37pm
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3 Jan 2014 11:57pm