Igarashi Whale

I'm afraid that I can't tell you much about this toy. I originally thought it was made by Sevylor, however all the print on its underside is in Chinese save for the name and logo of a company called Igarashi.

However, this is a fantastic toy because of the choice of vinyl; it's a brilliant, almost mirror-shine glossy black. The material feels slippery and soft to the touch and reacts very well to a little warmth. This is a real prize in my collection, perhaps not out of rarity or other collector metrics, but simply because it's made of such wonderful vinyl.

Igarashi (?)
Obtained from
Bought from a friend
2 air chambers (body and tailfin), large valves, flexible solid plastic handles.
Vinyl type
Medium-to-thick gauge, super high-gloss black with glossy white ink.
whale , own , second hand
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
20 Dec 2009 6:27pm
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3 Jan 2014 6:21pm