Ride-on Walrus (Walmart version)

The walrus design was first drawn to my attention when the Intex 2009 catalogue was posted on a popular inflatables website. I immediately knew that I would have to acquire one. I later learned that the walrus was, in fact, available in three different sizes; a small version for general sale, an intermediate size available in certain places and a large version to be sold exclusively by Walmart in the USA. This is the version I ultimately obtained.

All versions of the walrus come with extremely favourable recommendations from other owners, and based on my own observations, I can only reiterate them.

Highlighting some of the toy's notable features; the combination of glossy blue vinyl, well-reinforced negative curves and an extremely accommodating 'saddle', this toy is a definite success in terms of design and implementation. It also has great appeal to inflatable toy enthusiasts for the same reasons.

Obtained from
Walmart (via a friend)
3 air chambers (body and front flippers), soft hollow plastic handles, reinforced negative curved seams - 170cm x 81cm
Vinyl type
Medium gauge, high-gloss royal blue
bought new , own
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
29 Apr 2009 11:16pm
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3 Jan 2014 11:47pm