Jets T-Rex (34" and 114")

Jets manufacture this design in a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny (smaller than the 34" one) to ridiculously huge (9.5 feet). I believe there is an intermediate (approx 5 feet) size too.

The 114" version of this toy has a serious awesomeness factor due to its amazing size. It will touch or exceed the height of most rooms and easily takes up all the floor space in a small bedroom.

I suppose there is not much that is remarkable about this toy aside from the size (and the necessary features that accompany it, such as the unconventional valve and weighted feet). Still, it's a great looking dinosaur, stands bipedal and is a good shape for hugging (even if it is too big to fit my arms around!)

Jetsonic Creations
Obtained from
The Jungle Store
Small: Single air chamber, medium valve, stiff cardboard inserts in feet, Large: Single air chamber, giant screw-type valve, sand weights in feet.
Vinyl type
Small: Medium gauge matte green, Giant: Thick gauge matte green, transparent painted mouth.
bought new , own , dinosaur
Air retention
Stability in water
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31 Dec 2008 3:39pm
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