Deep Blue Dolphin (Pink)

Although sold as a 'dolphin', this adorable little ride-on is more of a whale-shape, and is certainly a nod to the Intex orca (from which it takes both its chamber design and eye pattern).

For a budget inflatable ($14.95 from a department store), it's surprisingly nice! Yes, it's small, but it's a lovely shape and is extremely huggable.

Given experience with other toys by Deep Blue, I am going to be careful about folding this one up for storage - the ink can come away and mark other parts of the body if left folded for long periods.

For the record, this squeakie comes in blue and pink.

Deep Blue / Playcorp
Obtained from
K-Mart (Perth, Australia)
2 air chambers (body and tailfin), hard hollow plastic handles, medium valves, 130cm x 89cm x 58cm
Vinyl type
Medium/thin gauge, translucent gloss pink
dolphin , bought new , own , personal favourites
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
31 Dec 2008 3:39pm
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4 Jan 2009 6:07pm