Joe Boxer Clownfish

I'm told this is a rare find these days, it's successor being smaller and more common. The toy itself is circa 2004 and the box it came in looked somewhat battered and beaten, perhaps having lingered in a shop or warehouse for some time before being put up on eBay.

Anyway, it's the first fish to feature in my collection (excluding the sharks) and it's a nice large candidate. The strong smelling glossy vinyl is lovely and the design is both clever (vertical tailfin adds to the toy's stability when the body squishes down) and cute too.

Joe Boxer
Obtained from
Given as a gift (as new)
213cm long, 3 air chambers (fins and body), small and medium valves, hard plastic handles
Vinyl type
Thick gauge, high-gloss translucent orange (note: older, more potent smelling type of plasticiser)
fish , own , gift
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
31 Dec 2008 3:35pm
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3 Jan 2014 11:32pm